Hot Sauce - The Dynamic Duo

Hot Sauce - The Dynamic Duo
Not sure which hot sauce to try?
Get both - The Dynamic Duo
¡Ay caramba!
2 x 50ml
NZ$ 18.50
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Rocoto is one of the hottest Peruvian chillies. This native variety has been growing on the slopes of the Andes Mountains for over 1000 years; its origins can be traced back to the Inca’s Empire. Unique to this chilli are the black seeds. The Rocoto chillies we use are grown locally in Christchurch. 

Two fermented chilli sauces, one with red Rocoto chilies - Red Hot
the other one with yellow Rocoto chillies and sweet pineapple - Pineapple Express
Both sauces are guaranteed to tickle your taste buds - 

¡Ay, caramba!

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